Coverdale in Summer-1
Summer has arrived spasmodically in Coverdale with some lovely warm days punctuated with rain and wind. The garden is looking good and the soft fruit is coming on a treat with a bumper crop of wild strawberries this year. It interesting that rabbits do not eat the wild strawberries but as soon as we planted some cultivated one they were immediately raised to the ground. Now I have got to protect all the fruit from the birds who if given the chance devastate the crop in hours, so I am quietly please with the temporary fruit cages I have put up. It’s just wonderful to be able to pop down the garden and pick some fresh fruit for your meal in the sun.

The summer veg is also coming on stream and although I only planted a limited patch I can see we will have a glut, usually of courgettes. There are only so many ways to cook them but they are tasty and it’s a tradition to give the surplus away. The runner beans are not setting this year which is a puzzle, it might be something to do with a rouge rabbit having a feast on them when they were first planted!

Leyburn is hosted it’s 1940’s weekend on the 22nd and 23rd July, the shops dress their windows and the place is full of themed events and people in the most amazing vintage clothing. To find out more visit The Wendsleydale Railway also runs a steam service from Leeming Bar to Redmire and return stopping at Leyburn.