The Dales in late spring.

As with many other parts of the UK we are experiencing an exceptionally dry weather with no rain to speak of for weeks. Some of the becks and rivers in the dales are down to bare rocks while the ones with water are low and sluggish. Usually at this time of year we tell our guests to visit the many waterfalls and forces that the dales are famous for but right now they are mere trickles of their glorious best. Although it has been dry we have had some very cool days with a north easterly wind and some of the tress are still not in leaf yet. For me the most welcome event of the year here in the dales is when the clocks went forward and the days lengthened, it is now light until well past nine o’clock and by the Summer Solstice it will be light until after ten o’clock. This make for some lovely long evenings for pottering around in the garden, trying to tame the weeds.

MInd you the sheep farmers in the dales have had a much easier lambing season and I was reading in the paper today that the Peregrines at Malham have a large brood this year as they like the dry weather. We had a trip out to Cotterdale the other day and a red squirrel popped over a drystone wall and had a quick look at us, while a hare wandered towards us before beating a hasty retreat.

Red Squirrel in the Yorkshire Dales


All the local attractions in the dales opened at Easter and had a busy time with our guests going to:

  • The Forbidden Corner – Fantasy garden
  • Thorpe Perrow – Birds of Prey
  • Hawes Creamery – the home of Wallice and Gromit’s favourite cheese.
  • Fountains Abbey
  • The Wendsleydale Railway

This is a small selection of the many places to visit up here in the Dales.

Yorkshire also hosted the Tour de Yorkshire with three days of cycling by professional teams and some punishing climbs or Kings of Mountain stages. We drove up the Cote de Lofthouses yesterday out of Nidderdale and how they do it is a complete mystery. Several of the fitter members of the local Coverdale community, joined the thousands who went out to ride some of the course and cheer them on.